Cultural Significance

July 20th, 2008

nothing typed this far away from home is gonna matter.

i don’t believe you cos you can’t hold a conversation, no matter how much you type.

typos, too.

i’d much rather rebuild it.

my fists.

there’s a message in this media. somewhere.

Dario Argento

January 29th, 2008

Dario Argento: È un famoso regista italiano di film horror; è nato a Roma. Egli è conosciuto per slasher film su mostri e strani problemi psicologici. Il film “Suspiria” è un classico. Ha molte scene di paura e molto di non segua una trama normale. La musica è buona con il gruppo dei Goblin, che è famoso per le soundtrack di orrore. Vedi questo video per qualche strana musica con scene di paura.

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Rap For All Ya’ll

November 4th, 2007

Here’s what you want.

Japanese Internment Rap

Japanese Internment Rap brought to you by No Sunlite for the Media.


I Bind My Feet When I Put On Stilletos ‘n’ Strut

September 16th, 2007

Tang Dynasty? Nawww. I do it myself.

The footbinding = sexy footwear comparison has been discussed at length in class ‘n’ on these blogs as a response to the horrific images in the presentation Friday. It’s encouraging that we took the step of pointing the finger inward at our own culture instead of blindly accusing another society of being ignorant. The differences may be dressed up, but I’m calling the bluff ‘n’ proving it ‘n’ proving it – so here’s a song. Brad ‘n’ I have a band, No Sunlite For The Media, our joint “Footbinding” deals with the very same footbinding metaphor ‘n’ various examples of phoniness ‘n’ sexism dressed up as superiority in America, so I thought I’d post it here.

(For some reason, posting mp3s to these blogs is disastrous, so please go to this NSFTM link ‘n’ listen to “Footbinding” from there (click on “Footbinding” right below the Niagara Falls picture), cos this link below sounds extremely messed up, pitch shifted ‘n’ terrible. I’ll leave it there just in case some genius figures out how to fix it.)


Save that one to yr iPods. Or don’t.
Oh, ‘n’ lyrics if you need ’em or couldn’t follow ’em:

Footbinding (4:34)

[Math: gtr, vox, scratches, harmonica, pipes; Kelly: vox; Martha: uke, banjo, beats, shaker; Thee Medians: handclap, hums]

[Referent: Bert’s Blockbusters; Negativland/U2]

Centuries have sense of nothing/Never recognize we’ve been fluttering/Infinite containers can’t hold all thee miscellaneous it’s been poured/Thoughts careen dream spin ‘n’ seem/The fortress locked up all the words to hum

Entire tired soul/Keep it near hold it it’s so cold/The word said, my son, “We adore Pandora cos she freed the need to hum”

(Do yr stuff)

[Math/J-Bandana]: I’ll do my stuff off the cuff verses/Math where’s chivalry? Ladies come first/I’ll put on my chainmail ‘n’ battle an alligator/(I’ll begin you can join in later)

[J-Bandana]: I bind my feet when I put on stilettos ‘n’ strut/Tang Dynasty? No I do it myself/Do it yerself instant beauty/Be the finest she by tweezing contorting unnaturally/Simply put on the make-up fake yr face up/Claim that yr boss is sexist when you induce impure thoughts/Oops I forgot it’s always his fault ‘n’ oh it’s yr loss/No one to consult or to console/He leaves you so lonely/Accuse solely men who control thee/Please you don’t take yerself seriously

[Math]: I’m doing my stuff ‘n’ doing it/I’m calling yr bluff ‘n’ proving it/Enough ain’t enough when NSFTM gets through with it/The beat gets hectic my DJ won’t ruin it/Fluid ‘n’ fluid delivered quick like United Parcel/Startle sucker duck MC’s who start to waddle/While we shuttle to the moon don’t follow we don’t shudder/Role models out of Sodom but ills hard to swallow/Hard to bear like Snuggles not fogging up our goggles/Cars scatter like they hit a dip or puddle/God Almighty we’ll just have to hope you’ll put this in reverse like a bottle of Frobscottle/Oh my gosh I’ll scream on top of a mountain/Quick you know that we hit the tip topper/Hip hopscotcher Fosbury flopper/Brother I got you ‘n’ brother I dropped you


A Comment That Never

September 16th, 2007

This was written a week ago as a comment on this post but it kept getting reneged, rejected ‘n’ disrespected, so this is what was meant:

>The main female character in her book is mocked by her own voice as a character; she is not only flat from a literary standpoint, but is framed as unintelligent, greedy, & unattractively deceptive.<

To me, this is a huge problem, reading it as either reneged a fraudulent, racist depiction of a culture the author belongs to or from the perspective that the book in fact contains authenticity. I often get sucked into the stereotypical idea that much Asian American literature is based, if not entirely, then somewhat in autobiography. Lowe points out that this is a typical and dangerously tired form, since it is so prevalent among Asian American writers. It seems to me that Eaton has taken pains to try to get the readership to see her as Yuki, or at least in a strange fantasy way she wants us to believe that she can relate to this story. Wouldn’t it make it more appealing if racist America viewed this story as the success tale of an ignorant Japanese woman coming into her own through contact with the whites – and now that she is older, wiser, and more American, she has written it down for us. The whole romance is implausible and absurd to the highest degree, filled with unbelievable twists; if the reader can follow Eaton’s characters perhaps one can even fall for her invented self. Since her author-persona is entirely fabricated, the problems in Japanese Nightingale are many; it would be interesting to find out how people reacted to this upon release. I wouldn’t doubt that a few felt proud to “know” that this poor little author had dealt with the pains of her own other-ignorance before growing into the intelligent writer willing to express part of her troubles in her characters. Lies.


September 3rd, 2007


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I'm Not Gonna Be Able to Do